Month: December 2020

Brazil: How about my driver’s license ?


When you travel abroad for a short vacation, you can use your driver’s license and passport to rent and drive a car. In some countries, they will ask you for an official translation of your licence or and international driving license, but these are easy to get. If you decide to settle down in another …

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Quito: The legend of Cantuña

iglesia-san francisco-quito

Quito was a colonial city and from its past remain many beautiful colonial buildings in the historical center, as well as various legends. One of the most famous legends of the city tells the story of the construction of the Church of San Francisco, the legend of Cantuña. The church of San Francisco is located …

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Starting Christmas preparations in September


Something all Latin American countries have in common is the importance of the Christmas period in their culture. It’s important to celebrate it, to celebrate it right and to celebrate it big ! And that’s probably why they start preparing it very early on… In all the latin american countries I’ve visited, Christmas decorations appear in …

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Panama City skyline


Panamy City, also known as Ciudad de Panama, is the capital city of Panama and is often called the Miami of Central America. For several reasons : its wealth, its lifestyle, its banking sector, its huge modern american-style malls… but here, we’ll focus on its architecture and skyline. Panama City is nothing like any other panamanian …

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Canoa beach, Ecuador


There are many beaches all along the coast of Ecuador, bathing into the Pacific Ocean. When we first arrived in Ecuador, we asked around for some advice about beaches in Ecuador, but we received so many different opinions… because everyone is looking for something different, and also because there are very few « big spots », most …

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Brazil : enjoying your buffet meal


One of the first things that we noticed when we moved to Brazil, is the incredible amount of restaurants that only offer buffet, instead of a regular table service. No matter what part of this big country you visit, you will always find many buffets. It was odd at first, but we soon got used …

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Brazil : a reversed School calendar


When you start planning to move to Brazil, make sure to take into account the local school calendar. As in various countries of the south cone, Brazil applies what can be called a reverse calendar. Just as in the Northern hemisphere, the summer vacation marks the separation between two school years ; except in Brazil the …

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