About My Latam Expat

My Latam Expat

Three years of expatriation in Panama, about as long in Brazil, and since a year and a half in Ecuador… Our family of 4 discovers the wonders of Latin America.

In My Latam Expat you will find our daily life adventures, some lifehacks and practical information about expatriation and some off the beaten track travel advice

What made me want to share it all with you? Well it is never easy to move to a new place, let alone to a new country! There are things you wish you had known before, sometimes it’s a big cultural shock, sometimes it’s just a simple lifehack… But knowing about it beforehand can make a difference in your stresslevels!

I hope you will find in these pages the information you are looking for. You can also send me a message at: mariette@mylatamexpat.com

Welcome to the Latin American experience!